Ephemera Magazine: Issue 5

Ephemera Magazine: Issue 5

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Ephemera is a magazine exploring permanence in a world of rapid change. This issue is about POWER.


Ariel Barnes, Caroline Kim, Daniel Lagana, Duy Nguyen, Ema Walters, Emma Gaudio, Kelly Belter, Lena Tuck, Maegan Fidelino, Magda Uculmana-Falcon, Maia Boakye, Maria Isabel Martinez, Mary Chen, Meaghan Harris, Melody Hansen, Nadya Agrawal, Natalie Asumeng, Nathan Levasseur, Nourhan Hesham, Quinn Rockliff, Rachna Soun, Ria Suarez, Sarah Amormino, Sophie Feng, Stefan Chua, Tamara Jones

Edited, curated, and designed by Maegan Fidelino
w/ editorial assistance from Stefan Chua

Published by Kastor & Pollux