Ephemera Magazine: Issue 3

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Ephemera is a magazine exploring permanence in a world of rapid change.  
This issue is about Food: It's everywhere and consumed by everyone as a necessity for survival. Yet, it is also something which is inherently ephemeral. It is either consumed, or goes bad; unless laden with a variety of preservatives. Issue 3 explores this dichotomy. 


Contributors: Alexa Fernando, Alyson Hardwick, Andrea Manica, Barry Chong, Bronson Allen, Caroline H. Hwang, Caroline Kim, Christina Lo, Dani Reynolds, Jennifer Cheng, Julia Stotz, Kelsey Adams, Kristin Stubberud, Leah Lalich, Lora Murray, Maegan Fidelino, Maia Boakye, Maria Isabel Martinez, Mariah Hamilton, Marielle Sales, Marissa Christiano, Meaghan Way, Meghan Greeley, Nadia Alic, Natalie Shriver, Nourhan Hesham, Sabrina Scott, Sara Ortolani, Simone Betito,Taylor Reynolds

Edited, curated, and designed by Maegan Fidelino
Published by Kastor & Pollux



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