Ephemera Magazine: Issue 4

Ephemera Magazine: Issue 4

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Ephemera is a published work exploring topics typically seen as impermanent. The fourth issue of the magazine focuses on the continuously changing idea of AGE and what it means.


Alexa Quinn, Alexandra Caufin, Alisha Davidson, Alison Postma, Alyson Hardwick, Andrea Manica, Carrie Jade Cai, Christina Lo, Emilie Michel, Emily Louie, Erika Altosaar, Erin Klassen, Furqan Mohamed, Hanna La Salvia, Hanna Raschl-McRonald, Jacqueline Ashton, Jennifer Ilett, Kelsey Adams, Kristin Stubberud, Lora Murray, Maia Boakye, Maira Candela, Meaghan Way, Melody Hansen, Natalya Fumo, Nourhan Hesham, Olivia Solodko, Rachna Soun, Rosemarie Alejandrino, Shelby Kay, Shiela Laufer, Stephanie Dixon, Zoë Rivard

Edited, curated, and designed by Maegan Fidelino
w/ editorial assistance from Stefan Chua

Published by Kastor & Pollux



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