Ephemera Magazine: Issue 2

Ephemera Magazine: Issue 2

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Ephemera is a magazine exploring permanence in a world of rapid change. 
This issue is about Tourism: its many different meanings and nuances, and how it impacts different people. We explore and reflect on tourism's implications in regards to belonging, identity, cultural norms, self-worth, capitalism, and more. 


Contributors: Alexendra Caufin, Andréa Crofts, Carolyn Tripp, Dani Reynolds, Fariha Roísín, Haley Chambers, Jennifer Cheng, Kelsey Adams, Krizia Victoria, Leeor Wild, Lydia Pawlowsky, Maegan Fidelino, Mariah Morales, Melody Hansen, Perry Phalla, Rachna Soun, Shelby Fenlon, Stefan Chua, Wiley Keiko

Edited, curated, and designed by Maegan Fidelino
Published by Kastor & Pollux



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